Trustees Liability Insurance

Trustees' Liability Insurance

Trustees can be held jointly and severally liable in their personal capacity for loss of assets of a fund.

The Pension Fund Act stipulates that a policy of insurance must be effected to indemnify the pension fund against losses caused by the dishonesty or fraud of any of its officials.

We can assist you in obtaining trustees’ liability insurance which provides cover for the fund for errors and omissions, theft and fraud and third party computer crime. The insurance also provides professional indemnity cover to the trustees and principal officers. We can also assist trustees who are not pension fund trustees who require trustees liability insurance.

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It is a great help to us in performing a proper needs analysis if you can also let us have copies of any similar insurance that you currently have in place.

You are welcome to contact us if you need any assistance in completing the proposal form or if you would like us to meet with you to discuss your requirements.


Trustees Liability Insurance

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