Societies & Associations

Societies & Associations

CFP can assist you with professional indemnity and/or medical malpractice insurance covers insurance covers for your members. We are proud to count among our clients 5 prestigious healthcare associations with combined membership numbers in excess of 7000 people.

If you are an Association or a Society, we can assist you in 2 ways:

  1. Arranging professional indemnity insurance for your Society/Association (‘Society’) only. This would cover the Society as well as all its office bearers, employees, volunteers and committee members for claims made against them for professional negligence in the conduct of the Society’s business.

    One of the functions of a Society is often to provide advice to its members. A member may allege that by following such advice, they have suffered a loss and as a result, seek to sue the Society or one if its office bearers for example.

    If this happens, would your Society have sufficient funds available to it to pay the legal defence costs for its officer bearer, volunteer or employee? Very often Societies overlook their own exposure to claims for professional negligence, breach of confidentiality and defamation.

    A Society can by ensuring that they have professional indemnity insurance in place offer their employees, office-bearers, volunteers and committee members peace of mind that they would not be left on their own to defend any claims that may be made against them as a result of rendering services to the members of the Society.

  2. Arranging professional indemnity and/or medical malpractice and/or products’ liability insurance for both the Society and all of its members. This is often an extremely cost effective way to obtain professional indemnity insurance for your members as insurers are prepared to offer volume discounts that members obtaining insurance on their own, would not be able to obtain.

    There is the added advantage that insurers are more willing to negotiate cover specifically tailored to your members' needs where there are sufficient participating members and premium.

Our Society clients have found that being able to offer professional indemnity and/or medical malpractice insurance to their members is a very effective draw-card which often results in increased membership numbers.

We have had 11 years’ experience in negotiating specially tailored insurance facilities for Societies and their members and in looking after those members, especially when they have claims or inquiries against them.

If you would like us to obtain quotes for your consideration, please contact us at


Societies & Associations

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