Hospitals & Clinics

Hospitals & Clinics

If you are a hospital, clinic or other healthcare establishment, you are vulnerable to:

  1. Claims against you arising out of your vicarious liability for the alleged medical malpractice of your employees;
  2. Claims against you arising out of allegations of professional negligence, for example that one of your employees has breached someone’s confidentiality;
  3. Public liability claims, for example a patient visiting your premises sits on a chair in your waiting room which collapses beneath them, or they trip and fall down your stairs or their car is damaged whilst in your parking area;
  4. Products’ liability and defective workmanship type claims if you are involved in the supply, ‘crafting’ or sale of any products to your patients where they allege that they have suffered harm caused by such product or defective workmanship on such product;
  5. Claims or complaints against you arising out of the wrongful actions or omissions of your employees and locums (vicarious liability).

We can assist you in obtaining cover for all of these exposures as well as cover for your employees.

The insurance provides cover for damages awards that may be made against you as well as any settlement amounts paid to patients and your legal defence costs and expenses.

We have 11 years’ experience and consider ourselves to have expertise that very few brokers can match in the field of medical malpractice insurance.

Our access to in-house legal expertise gives us a distinct advantage when it comes to identifying your exposures and tailoring your insurance cover appropriately. Our legal expertise is also a significant advantage when it comes to handling claims and negotiating policy wordings on your behalf.

If you would like us to obtain quotes for your consideration, please contact us at


Hospitals & Clinics

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